If you want to read up…

A friend’s recent comment got me thinking — so Jenny, I’m replying here, ‘kay? — if you’re looking for resources to help with business writing, you might start with some of these:

  • Anything by Lynne Truss. This lady makes grammar and punctuation interesting and even funny, which is an accomplishment in itself.
  • For concise, you can’t beat Strunk & White. These guys are widely considered THE experts on style and the fact that they pack it into this skinny manual is a testament to their expertise.
  • I have a Gregg Reference Manual on my desk because it answers any really technical grammar or punctuation question or problem you might have.
  • My company uses AP Style, so I use the AP Stylebook daily. (But every organization is different. It’s smart to find out what your organization uses and make that your guide.)

Am I missing anything? Other recommendations?


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