Allow your personality to shine through! Part 3

July 29, 2008
Telling Stories by Enoch Mukiibi

Telling Stories by Enoch Mukiibi

My last two posts gave you two reasons to reveal your personality when you talk to your stakeholders (here and here). If you’re still not convinced, another reason to reveal your personality is to hold attention:

“When you stand up and speak to any audience, as their leader you have their attention. But keeping their attention is another challenge. If you are official, dispassionate, concerned about articulating your messages clearly, you will tend to have a flat, focused-on-the-facts presentation. No matter how significant your facts — how relevant, how dramatic — facts after awhile are exhausting, not compelling.

“When you strive to reveal your personality you will have a more conversational tone. You will have more rhythms and more gestures. You will include your stories. You will create the peaks and valleys you need to keep your audience engaged and, at moments, personally inspired.”

Again, Anett D. Grant‘s insight is valuable. First, if you allow yourself to relax and just BE, you’ll be more comfortable. And everyone works better when they’re comfortable, right? And second, notice where the inspiration comes into play. It’s not back there with the facts and figures. Instead, the inspiring happens with the conversational tone, the gestures, the stories. Your stories! The stories are where the connections happen, and that might be the best reason yet to reveal your personality as a leader.


Read. A lot!

July 2, 2008

Whenever I think I’m really good at communicating, I find it’s helpful to read what other people are writing out there. What this does is, it simultaneously humbles the hell out of me AND it builds a desire in me to write better, communicate better, do everything better. It tears me down and makes me want to start over. It makes me think, yeah. OK. I could improve here. I learn from it. I get inspired by it. It feeds me a little.

Who do you read when you’re looking for really good writing? Who has a style that makes you bleed with envy that you didn’t write it yourself? Here’s MY latest discovery, thanks to a tip from RagingDadBlack Hockey Jesus. Who do you recommend?